NVIDIA Press Conference Live From CES 2015


06 Jan NVIDIA Press Conference Live From CES 2015

It seems like every CES we get to watch history happen. This year was no different.

NVIDIA’s Press Conference live from CES 2015 came with big news streamed live via Suite Spot onto Ustream. Jen-Hsun Huang, co-founder and CEO, took the stage & unveiled the Tegra X1, NVIDIA’s Maxwell powered “mobile superchip”. Massive computing power packed small for mobile application, an 8-core 64-bit CPU with an incredible 256 cores and 4K video capability. What does this mean? We’re living in the future.

With all this power NVIDIA will give a new generation of smart cars all their computing needs. The NVIDIA DRIVE PX auto-pilot computer brings driverless car technology to the next level. NVIDIA’s digital cockpit computer, and the Deep Neural Network Sensor System will be able to recognize pedestrians, emergency vehicles, bicycles and even know what road signs look like. Audi has already begun development alongside NVIDIA and expects to use the new processor within a few years. Smaller, better, faster, more!!

Be sure to check out the live press conference for yourself to see the X1 in action!

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream