Our Old East Village Neighbor


11 Mar Our Old East Village Neighbor

This week we’ve been scouring through music history for an upcoming project.CBGB-Port-6
Some of the best throwbacks comes from this fantastic collection from CBGB’s 70’s House Photographer David Godlis.

From Mashable’s Retronaut:

The music scene, like New York, was also sorely in need of repair. But in the most unlikely of all places — in the slumping New York City’s infamous Bowery, among the skid row bums on loser’s lane, far away from the Upper East Side and Upper West Side of Manhattan — a group of like-minded musicians and artists had their sights set on the future. In a small, dingy club, they would rewrite the past and set a template for the last quarter century in music, fashion, art, literature and film.

Research has its perks sometimes.