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Domestic & Global Fixers

Domestic & Global Fixers
Here’s a glimpse of powerful moments we’ve been able to capture around the world thanks to our talented fixers.

Why Fixers?

▪ The World is a Big Place, Local Know-How Goes a Long Way
▪ In a Bind Fixers Know What To Do and Who To Call
▪ Indigenous Wisdom Means You’re Getting Authentic Experiences

Why Suite Spot?

▪ Professional & Creative Fixers with Global Experience
▪ Custom-Built Solutions for Unique Challenges
▪ Creative Development, Scouting & Production Management

Suite Spot is a Leader in Global Fixing:

▪ Travel, Adventure, Sports, Fashion & Real Estate
▪ Branded Content, Narratives, Supporting Material for TV & Film
▪ Remote Destinations & Urban Environments
▪ Endangered Species, Indigenous Cultures, & Emerging Arts