360 Video Production & VR Video

Suite Spot Is Proud Of Our High-Impact And Immersive 360 / VR Content Developed With Our Friends At DiscoveryVR

Suite Spot Creates Immersive Experiences in 360 / VR
Around The Globe, Above The Clouds, & Under The Sea.

Here’s a peek at a selection of the powerful moments we’ve been a part of. Take it full screen and click/drag to explore for yourself. To work in 360 means staying on the cusp of this evolving technology while being creative and understanding how to capture a moment in every direction.

360 video production and VR video have become more than a trend, it is everywhere and has now been integrated into our lives through phones, Facebook, and YouTube. Suite Spot is a leader in 360 video production and Virtual Reality video experiences that cover Branded Content, Narrative, Adventure, and Additional Content for Television and Film.

Now, by watching 360 / VR content, you can simply play a video and transport yourself to somewhere else in the world and feel like you are there in person. Sounds like magic, and to be honest, when 360 video production / VR is done correctly, it feels extraordinary.

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360 Video Production and Virtual Reality is transforming the way people watch, share, and experience content.

Because of our background in commercial production, we focus on the logistics and planning of these projects as much as the creative in a similar method of traditional filmmaking. Locations, talent, clearances, scripting, scouting are still part of the process, and we have the experienced teams and the tools of the trade needed to capture and develop ideas into this immersive medium.

360 video production vr video rigs
Every project has challenging and unique scenarios. In a market without pre-existing solutions, we create our own. All of our custom-built rigs are capable of Live Capture, Live Viewing, and Live Streaming.

We go great distances for ambitious clients.

Suite Spot has created some of the most challenging and first-time ever 360º video production / VR content in all types of environments. We’ve been across this planet and even underwater and in the air to entertain and give viewers a first-person perspective that are absolutely incredible. We’re proud of the work we’ve produced, please take a look at some of these moments for yourself.

But this is just the beginning.

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