Eli Heitin

Executive Producer, p.g.a.

Partner & Co-Founder

There’s a reason that Suite Spot is one of the most exciting boutique creative production agencies in the world right now, and that’s the people behind it. For Suite Spot co-founder Eli Heitin, positivity and passion are a winning combination. His exuberance for just about everything, from movies and music to sports and gaming to new production and editing trends, is an identifying trait. Defying every ’80s movie trope, Eli grew up being both a jock and a computer whiz. Eli is thrilled to apply his passions to his work, he’s never satisfied with the status quo and is always seeking out the next new thing to get excited about. In an industry where technology is constantly changing, that puts him on the cutting edge.

Eli grew up in Alexandria, Virginia and developed a passion for filmmaking from movie nights (on LaserDisc, of course) with his father, and his persistence from his mother whom he watched build a business from the ground up. After attending Temple University and graduating with a degree in film, Eli and his frequent producing partner, Adam Drescher, started Suite Spot in 2004. For over fifteen years, Heitin has been co-captain of a ship that’s amassed quite a bit of treasure in the form of repeat creative collaborators, a best-in-class production team, and yes, awards, most notably a Cannes Lion and an Effie Award. Eli has also earned the respect of his peers with inclusion in the Producer’s Guild of America. Beyond all of the accolades, Eli’s proudest achievements are the many long-term partnerships he’s cultivated throughout the years which have been fueled on mutual appreciation, enthusiasm, and understanding.

Eli has directed and produced campaigns for clients such as CBS, NBC Sports, Johnson & Johnson, ESPN, and Nintendo, and he thrives on developing new ideas, content, and formats in all of his professional partnerships. Eli serves as an executive producer,  a fixer, an idea man, an advocate; there is no role he doesn’t play and he is his clients’ most trusted ally. Watch this space, because the rest of his accomplishments are the ones he hasn’t dreamed up yet.

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