Nicholas Kohut

Nick has been making movies since 1995. Throughout his childhood he taught himself how to write, direct, shoot and edit with his best friends in the sprawling woods and wetlands of Pennsylvania. After completing his education in Film & Media Arts at Temple University in Philadelphia, Nick moved across the country to Los Angeles where he started from scratch, working as a Production Assistant on commercials, television shows and major motion pictures.

Cruise Origin

Salesforce Dreamforce
Post-Production Producer

Project by project, he gained more experience in each and every department. From driving trucks and going on coffee runs, to managing massive crews and successfully producing productions on budget, Nick climbed his way up numerous ladders as a highly creative, technical, and team-oriented producer, director, cinematographer and post-production supervisor.


Les Yeux Clos
DP / Editor

In 2016 he discovered Suite Spot where his understanding of the craft and the industry would become complimented by a new education in business development, marketing and operations management. From client work to internal initiatives, Nick brings an innovative edge to Suite Spot as both a filmmaker and business professional. His artistic, yet calculated approach to the work stimulates engaging collaboration our teams thrive in and effective results our partners advocate for.

Disney Color Combo Lab
Producer / Director / Editor

The Cairn
Writer / Director / DP / Editor

East Coast Alien
Writer / Producer / Director / DP / Editor

Goin’ Home
Director / DP / Editor

DP / Editor

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