For the Love of the Game

Eli Heitin

Given the 15+ years of life at Suite Spot, I’ve seen the gamut of productions in all shapes and sizes, and, as we have grown, I’ve been lucky to rely on our wonderful producers to create success out of every project. This has allowed me to move into a hybrid EP roll, not white glove, but also not doing lockups. Yet there are certain projects where I just know deep down that my up-close personal focus, leadership and attention are absolutely necessary, critical, and, let’s face, it begged for by our team. Basically anything involving my beloved Washington Capitals or Wizards… or the Stanley Cup.

My roots run deep, as a kindergartner I was soo jacked up to see my first Caps game, I stayed home the next day to play living room hockey by myself for 10 hours. So, obviously I had been waiting 32 years for the call from our wonderful friends at NBC Sports to produce DC’s yearly team promos. Sure, the process has been rewarding, but it took research to know what Ovi’s favorite on-set candy is (mini M&Ms), and to be able to talk Fedora collections with hero goalie Braden Holtby, or to trade haircare maintenance tips with TJ Oshie (conditioner > shampoo). But these are the sacrifices I make to be able to kid myself that these famous bros and I have a bond… at least for media day.

The 4 years of Stanley Cup campaigns has also been a privilege that doesn’t escape me. I mean, yes, perhaps I asked to borrow the keeper’s cup and downloaded a tracking app on his phone (Mike B. loves his fresh coffee). And I’ve yet to be taken up on the offer to have the Cup stay in my room overnight while on the road. I do consider myself it’s protector now (no, you can’t pick it up, yes, you can kiss it, but don’t smudge the polish job). In all, it really is the greatest dignitary I’ve traveled with, doors open wide, owners tribute us with free snacks, grown men cry and we get to put babies in it (infants, not the squirmy toddlers).

Listen, I know that the Suite Spot team is mindful of not burdening me. I mean, I see the codenames listed for upcoming projects (“Mayonnaise commercial, Eli not needed”) and I realize that Theresa our HOP always makes my daily selfie schedule “tentative”. But, I’d like to think I’ve added some real value here over the years. And I’m thankful for having a sense of humor when our NBC client and friend Mike always asks “Are you guys the ones paying us to have Eli on set?”