Project Description

Dreamforce is the biggest annual conference of its kind, bringing upwards of 200,000 people from around the world to downtown San Francisco. Surrounding the hosting Moscone Center, this is a takeover of the streets, an immersive world unique to Salesforce, like Disney’s Magic Kingdom for tech and society. The massive event is produced by GPJ and streamed online by Suite Spot. It features a wide variety of topics ranging from the social challenges we face around the globe to the products Salesforce offers to enable growth in businesses of all kinds. The four-day broadcast schedule features keynote addresses, product launches and updates, software demos, panel discussions with industry leaders, the “Dream Pitch” competition for innovative entrepreneurs, world-class entertainment, and fireside chats with Marc Benioff and his special guests. Salesforce provided the online audience with an all-access golden ticket to access the exclusive content 24/7, and you better believe we were there for ALL of it.

Dreamforce Master Control Marc Benioff On Screen
Dreamforce, Dan Houze & Payton Peterson, Stream Techs

Salesforce partnered with Suite Spot to bring all of these events together in one place for a digital audience experience minus the crowds, and the opportunity to watch in your sweatpants with no shame whatsoever. After many months of careful planning and pre-production, with Salesforce and their many event vendors, we ensured all the pieces were correctly aligned to successfully orchestrate this massive collaboration. Creating quality content to match Salesforce’s strategy and brand identity was the trophy we had our sights set on.

To accomplish this herculean effort we designed and built out a mini-TV network and created a custom Master Control Room (MCR) as our home base in the Moscone Center. We’re not bragging, but it was basically the coolest of cool operations and nicknamed #StreamForce. From this MCR we were able to capture simultaneous programming from seven locations across the city and stream them over seven channels. A video matrix was created for the team to manage and monitor the signal flow between the various venues at select times to feed overflow displays, streams online, and designated breakout rooms. Phew… but wait there’s more!

Dreamforce, Nicholas Kohut, Post Producer
Dreamforce, Master Control Room, Post Production Department
Dreamforce Post Production Video Editors

With so much quality content to view throughout the week, we focused on having a main channel which featured the “best of” Dreamforce content. Over each of the four show days totaling over 200 hours of content, we made sure the most impactful content was showcased as the flagship channel for Dreamforce. Here, anyone visiting or was treated to the freshest content. And seriously…it was SO fresh. With Marc Benioff spearheading the power sessions, Dreamforce featured exclusive talks with guests such as the one and only Michelle Obama, as well as dynamic sessions starring Natalie Portman, Ashton Kutcher,, adidas, 20th Century Fox, and a myriad of leaders in the tech world, including Chairman, President & CEO of IBM, Ginni Rometty. Topics were not just focused on Salesforce’s products but rather addressed the current state of affairs in our culture and technology’s role in making the way we live and work better for all. These moments along with original content developed live from the show floor kept the audience engaged and tuning in day after day. Speaking of the show floor, we built out a stage for studio-style interviews in the middle of the high-traffic Trailhead Learning Zone. With a “lights, camera, action” approach, we were able to build a narrative frame for each day on the main channel and create a real-time buzz in the room itself. A revolving door of sorts was the best way to make sure each of the many facets of Salesforce’s offering and partners had their moment to shine.

Dreamforce Studio
Dreamforce Audio Tech
Dreamforce, Dillon Morris, Media Manager DIT

Oh, and did we mention we also made the first 360° videos for the event? By capturing every possible angle, we provided an interactive and immersive way for anyone to see what the Dreamforce experience was really like in person. With our All-Access badge and creative license, there was simply no better way to capture all the inspiring activities that were happening throughout the campus.

Overall Dreamforce was a monumental display of the power of Salesforce, and how its software ecosystem is the ultimate tool every business needs to succeed in today’s fast-paced marketplace. Salesforce is the leader in every sense of the word in driving equality and positive growth both professionally and personally for their clients and employees. These attributes were at the core of the message delivered during the week of Dreamforce, with over 12 million viewers tuning in. What we’re really trying to say is these guys are INCREDIBLE and we couldn’t be happier to have been a part of live streaming their one of a kind event.

Dreamforce Concert 360º VR Panorama

If you missed it, all the exciting moments are still available to view on Pop yourself some popcorn, and enjoy!

Dreamforce Master Control Room Team, #Streamforce