Project Description

Every year technology enthusiasts swarm Las Vegas for the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Panasonic North America wanted to take the immersive experience of being at CES and give it directly to millions of consumers around the world. Their strategy was to develop Live @ CES, a live and interactive broadcast. Suite Spot was chosen to help execute the broadcast by integrating the set within the Panasonic booth, providing creative direction to unify programming across exclusive panels with some of the day’s biggest talent, interviews, and video packages, which featured all of the new offerings from Panasonic, including their keynote and press conferences from the Venetian hotel, remote segments, taking viewers from the streets of Las Vegas to the backrooms of the convention center; and hands-on demos of their latest technology.

Suite Spot also worked to amplify Panasonic’s voice through interactive segments, live Q&As via social media, and embedded Twitter feeds on the broadcast pages. Live @ CES featured guests that covered every aspect of consumer technology, from tech gurus and reviewers to green energy activists and comedians. And while the broadcast was branded Panasonic, the content was never constructed as a pitch or commercial, giving legitimacy to all who participated. The event was carried on Ustream, Panasonic’s social media properties, and syndicated throughout popular online media outlets., giving viewers the truly unique experience of CES, but without the lines. The impact of Live @ CES is undeniable with phenomenal viewership and tremendous response across social media, Panasonic and the online viewers shared a truly rewarding, interactive experience.