Professionally Produced
Digital Events

Professionally Produced
Digital Events

Suite Spot’s

Remote Control Rooms

Suite Spot’s Remote Control Rooms give clients a completely customizable workflow with an experienced and professional broadcast team. Our trusted process gives you the flexibility to record or bring guests in live and gives your on-screen talent an enhanced digital experience. Reach your online audience with exclusive live content, interact with them in real-time, and even bring them into the show. We will make this high-tech feel low-stress for everyone involved. Pivot from in-person to online and interactive.

✓ Virtual Green Rooms
✓ Motion Graphic Titles & Overlays
✓ 1-12+ Live Interacting Participants
✓ Easy to Watch on Any Device
✓ Chats, Polls, Donate & Buy Buttons
✓ Dedicated, Trusted and Secure

✓ Tech Checks to Uplevel Talent Quality
✓ Producer Channel with IFB to Talent
✓ Professional-Quality HD Video & Audio
✓ ISO & Program Records & Playback
✓ Full-Service With Prep, Live and Editing VODs
✓ Stream on Private Micro-site and/or Twitter

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