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360 / VR Video Production

Suite Spot is a leader in 360 Video Production and VR experiences that cover branded content, narrative, adventure, and additional content for feature films and television programming. With 360 Video Production / VR content, you can simply play a video and transport yourself to somewhere else in the world to feel like you’re there. And we’re not talking about the dated, ancient-looking VR of the 1990s (although with our tech we can transport you back there. This is getting very meta).

Suite Spot has created some of the most challenging and first-ever 360 Video Production/ VR content in all types of environments and we’re proud of the work we’ve produced. We’ve been across this planet, underwater, and in the stratosphere, and we’ve learned that when done right, VR can be a magical sensory experience. 360 Video is everywhere and has now been integrated into our lives through phones, goggles, Facebook, and YouTube, and the production process is similar to traditional filmmaking.

Every project has unique, challenging scenarios. VR / 360 video is treated in a similar method to traditional filmmaking. The locations, talent, clearances, scripting, and scouting are still part of the process. We have the seasoned teams and the tools of the trade needed to capture and develop creative ideas into an experience to remember.

In a 360 video production market without pre-existing VR solutions, we create our own VR/ 360 video production solutions to achieve the highest quality results. All of our custom-built rigs are capable of Live Capture, Live Viewing, and Live Streaming. And knowing how to get the shot is only half the battle. We handle the full process in post production from the stitch and edit through compositing and color. With Suite Spot, quality control is best achieved when you have all of these solutions in-house.

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