Photograph by Marius Becker

Chris Ungco


We spent some time this June with director, Chris Ungco, collaborating with Sesame Street in Palo Alto, California. The opportunity to produce content with the likes of Big Bird and Elmo came through a friend of Chris’ and as the scope continued to grow and grow, he reached out to Suite Spot for support.

“I really, really like Suite Spot’s work ethic,” Chris said. “They taught me how to be ready and be prepared,” he added, noting how our production team was able to partner with him and empower him as a project lead by taking care of all the back-end needs and processes, such as logistics management, scalability, and production insurance.

“I remember that first meeting,” Chris said of the collaboration between Sesame and Suite Spot. “Eli (our co-founder) took a chair and I realized there was a chair in front of him, so I sat there and I was like, Oh, this is where I’m supposed to sit, now I’m at the front of the line and Eli is just to my right, keeping things fun and moving.”

Chris is a great example of one of our collaborators who have kept us in his loop over the years. We’ve shared many opportunities with him and he returns the favor in symbiosis. To keep up with him and what he’s doing, check out his website and follow him on Instagram.

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