Huttemberg Nassar


Our long-time collaborator, trusted partner and friend Huttemberg Nassar got his start in the industry much like our founders, working in production on the runways of fashion week. “It’s 2001, we’re production assistants and Hutt is a little ahead of us,” co-founder Eli Heitin says, reminiscing over his and Adam’s early days.

“Not many people have the combination of lovability, honesty, expertise and work ethic that he has,” Eli says. “When I’m filming on the edge of a building, or we’re rigging gack above an A-lister’s head, Hutt is the person I want on my side. He’s a big personality in the warmest ways. He treats the intern the same way he treats the executive producer and this has been consistent over the 18 years I’ve known him.”

“Suite Spot is family,” Hutt says. “I actually remember the day when Eli was like, ‘You know what, I’m starting my own company.’ I saw Suite Spot go from half a studio in the East Village with no air conditioning to a full-floor midtown headquarters, with fully-equipped offices in LA and San Francisco. To see your partner in crime do that is really inspirational.”

Advice to others out there: “Trust the process,” Hutt says. Over the years, he dedicated himself to gaining an array of experiences and skills on all sorts of projects and in different roles, eventually working his way up to being a sought-after Lighting Director. “If someone wants to be a director,” he says,”it’s best to learn every role on set and grow into the position.”

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